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# Media Title Date Contents
1borkenaASEZ volunteers conducted clean-up in Addis Ababa 2019-04-01Church of God ASEZ
2Pretoria East RekordVIDEO: Walkerspruit to get monthly clean-up 2019-03-26Church of God ASEZ
3Cape ArgusChurch brings the ‘gees’ to Cape cycle tour 2019-03-14Church of God Volunteer Activities
4Athlone NewsVolunteers revamp Garlandale park 2019-03-06Church of God ASEZ
5Cape Argus Volunteers clean up around Bellville Station 2019-01-22Church of God Environmental Cleanup
6Pretoria East RekordStudent volunteers give Sunnyside tennis court a fresh look 2018-10-15Church of God ASEZ
7Pretoria East RekordStudents clean up Fountains Circle 2018-08-21Church of God ASEZ
8Weekend ArgusServing society selflessly 2018-03-24Church of God Volunteer Activities
9Southern Suburbs TatlerMarathon volunteers 2018-03-01Church of God Volunteer Activities
10IOL#CleanYourHood: Cleaning up and spreading love 2018-02-13Church of God Environmental Cleanup
11VEREENIGING STERClean up campaign for Arcon Park 2017-12-12Church of God Environmental Cleanup
12IOL#CleanYourHood: Cleaning up the world, one street at a time 2017-12-07Church of God Environmental Cleanup
13Swazi OBSERVERWorld Mission Church of God Cleans Manzini Streets 2017-12-06Church of God Environmental Cleanup
14Berea MailChurch hosts clean-up 2017-12-04Church of God Environmental Cleanup
15SABC Digital NewsStudents refurbish Sunnyside recreational park as Christmas giving 2017-11-26Church of God ASEZ
16Northcliff Melville Times‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ 2017-11-23Church of God Environmental Cleanup
17Sandton ChronicleWorld Mission Society Church cleans up Sandton 2017-10-23Church of God Environmental Cleanup
18IOL#CleanYourHood: Young volunteers clean up CBD 2017-10-16Church of God Environmental Cleanup
19Cape ArgusYoung volunteers clean up CBD 2017-10-16Church of God Environmental Cleanup
20EBDAILY NEWS SAWorld Mission Society Church Of God Celebrates Mothers Day Cleaning-Up Mandela Drive. 2017-05-16Church of God Environmental Cleanup
21ANGOPAngola: Church of God World Missionary Society donates blood to the National Blood Institute 2017-04-30Church of God Blood Drive
22IOLBlood drive in Rondebosch 2017-04-27Church of God Blood Drive
23PDG Maroc FederationGABON TV JT 23H DU MARDI 14 MARS 2017 2017-03-14Church of God Introduction
24IOLVolunteers help cyclists believe they can 2017-02-23Church of God Volunteer Activities
25Northcliff Melville TimesWorldwide clean-up campaign 2017-01-17Church of God Environmental Cleanup
26SABC Digital NewsWorld Mission Society Church of God embarks on a clean up campaign 2017-01-15Church of God Environmental Cleanup
27SABC Digital NewsThe World Mission Society Church of God on a clean up operation 2016-06-05Church of God Environmental Cleanup
28IOLChurch dedicates time to clean up Langa 2016-06-05Church of God Environmental Cleanup
29BereamailChurch entertains the elderly 2014-02-18Church of God Volunteer Activities
30perdebyCHURCH SOCIETY TEAMS UP WITH SANBS TO DONATE BLOOD 2013-08-27Church of God Blood Drive
31ANGOPChurch of God World Missionary Society conducts charitable activity with children of Lar Kuzola 2013-04-28Church of God Volunteer Activities
32News24Station gets a clean-up 0000-00-00Church of God ASEZ
World Mission Society Church of God Medias