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1jglistChurch of God opened the bible center at Flushing 2019-04-15Church of God Introduction
2PTVClean-up drive sa Caloocan City, isinagawa 2019-04-14Church of God ASEZ
3koreatimesOverseas delegation delivers hopeful New Year message 2019-02-28Church of God Introduction
4ManilastandardCaloocan, church youth unite for village cleanup 2019-01-31Church of God ASEZ
5Manila Bulletin NewsStories of hope for the successful rehabilitation of Manila Bay 2019-01-27Church of God ASEZ
6The HitavadaKorean students take part in traffic awareness rally in State capital 2019-01-24Church of God ASEZ
7rmnClean up campaign gilusad 2018-12-11Church of God ASEZ
8pressreader"Student volunteers clean up Brgy. 76-A " 2018-12-11Church of God ASEZ
9The Manila TimesQC fetes outstanding institutions on disaster mgmt 2018-11-29Church of God Introduction
10The Daily ObserverChurch of God team leads road cleanup in capital city 2018-08-13Church of God Environmental Cleanup
11BDNEWS24Church of God team leads road cleanup in Dhaka 2018-08-12Church of God Environmental Cleanup
12Rasmei NewsThe Worldwide Association of Volunteers Plan for "Mother's School" 2018-08-12Church of God ASEZ
13SunStar DAVAOChurch of God holds blood drive 2018-05-31Church of God Blood Drive
14The Season OnlineChurch organizes a Cleanup Campaign 2018-04-15Church of God Environmental Cleanup
15Sun Star CEBUChurch-based volunteer group collects 200 sacks of trash in Brgy. Apas 2018-03-21Church of God Environmental Cleanup
16SunStar DAVAOWAO volunteers take the lead for cleaner cities 2018-02-15Church of God Environmental Cleanup
17CEBU DAILY NEWSChurch volunteers hold cleanup campaign 2018-02-13Church of God Environmental Cleanup
18인도 과학 기술 대학교 ERD 재단 홈페이지Mother’s Street Project: A Report 2018-02-08Church of God Introduction
19CyberCTMGroup to chopsticks base to clean up garbage 2018-01-22Church of God ASEZ
20濠江日報Group to chopsticks base to clean up garbage 2018-01-22Church of God ASEZ
21濠江日報20180122A8 Macau News 2018-01-22Church of God ASEZ
22마카오방송국주식회사Hong Kong and South Korea Volunteer Group came to Australia to clean the streets 2018-01-21Church of God ASEZ
23인도 과학 기술 대학교 ERD 재단 홈페이지Seminar on Environment at USTM by ASEZ: A Report 2018-01-19Church of God Environmental Cleanup
24ASIA TODAYASEZ Holds Global Forum 2017 2017-12-19Church of God ASEZ
25City TodayMembers of Church of God conduct cleanliness drive in city 2017-12-05Church of God Environmental Cleanup
26Sunstar DavaoChurch of God holds cleanup campaign 2017-12-03Church of God Environmental Cleanup
27Manila StandardQC honors volunteers from 19 groups 2017-12-03Church of God Volunteer Activities
28Manila Bulletin150 volunteers join Cebu clean-up drive 2017-11-26Church of God Environmental Cleanup
29SunStar Web TVWorld Mission Society Church of God mopahigayon ug cleanup drive sa SRP] WPD: Man in church van not committing crime 2017-11-21Church of God Environmental Cleanup
30Sun Star CEBUReligious group sets cleanup drive 2017-11-21Church of God Environmental Cleanup
31Manila BulletinOne world, one voice 2017-10-29Church of God Introduction
32凱擘 豐盟新聞Fengmeng News 1026 celebrates the Double Ninth Festival Tanyang Community International Low Carbon Diet Seniors Association 2017-10-26Church of God Volunteer Activities
33PurbelinewsPlowing the sadness to the flood victims, the fascists of Itahari: The victims say that all Christians are not eating the same! 2017-08-18Church of God Volunteer Activities
34The Philippine StarChurch holds blood drive in 175 countries 2017-03-27Church of God Blood Drive
35The Philippine StarWorldwide cleanup campaign held 2017-03-08Church of God Environmental Cleanup
36Manila StandardFor the environment 2017-02-27Church of God Environmental Cleanup
37Echo of ArunachalCleanliness drive conducted at IG Park 2017-01-11Church of God Environmental Cleanup
38The Mindanao Daily MirrorEstrada orders mass resignation at MTPB 2016-11-29Church of God Environmental Cleanup
39Manila StandardChurch cleans up Manila Bay today 2016-08-17Church of God Environmental Cleanup
40TDMGroup organizes 70 people to clear street chewing gum 2015-12-20Church of God Environmental Cleanup
41The Straits TimesMany party goers took care not to leave trash behind: Volunteers 2015-08-10Church of God Environmental Cleanup
42ManilastandardtodayPint of life 2015-04-21Church of God Blood Drive
43TDMChristian groups donate blood to bring out life message 2015-04-12Church of God Blood Drive
44일본 적십자사World Mission Societcy Church of God 2014-02-23Church of God Blood Drive
45De La Salle Health Sciences Institute 학교 홈페이지DLSUMC and World Mission hold blood drive for elderly patients 2014-02-18Church of God Blood Drive
46Indian TimesWorldwide environmental clean up on Australia Day 2014-02-15Church of God Environmental Cleanup
47The Star OnlineChurch organises clean-up campaign in Taman Desa 2014-02-14Church of God Environmental Cleanup
48CNN ireportWorld Mission Society Church of God Held the 2330th Clean up Campaign at Baywalk 2014-01-29Church of God Environmental Cleanup
49CHINATIMESThe Environmental Protection Agency called on civil society to participate in the clean home, and the church members and college students responded to the Fengjia business circle. (Lu Jinzuo photo) 2014-01-13Church of God Environmental Cleanup
50allvoicesComforting the children suffering from diseases, with the love of "God the Mother” 2013-07-30Church of God Volunteer Activities
51The Star OnlineChurch members carry out voluntary service at children"s home 2013-07-19Church of God Environmental Cleanup
52SUNSTAR DavaoExtending a helping hand 2013-06-14Church of God Volunteer Activities
53allvoicesChurch Cleans Tullahan River and Barangay 2013-04-30Church of God Environmental Cleanup
54nepalsutraCleaning up of Bagmati River 2013-04-29Church of God Environmental Cleanup
55POLITInviting Mongolians to the Glory 2013-03-19Church of God Introduction
56commonfloorTumkur village won’t accept Bangalore garbage 2013-01-03Church of God Environmental Cleanup
57timesofindiaThis group"s mission is to make Bangalore garbage-free 2012-12-31Church of God Environmental Cleanup
58대만에 있는 펭 치아 대학교 학보사Information on the off-campus service activities of students in the first semester of Fengjia University in the 101st school year (10) 2012-12-30Church of God Environmental Cleanup
59theshillongtimesCleaning drive 2012-12-29Church of God Environmental Cleanup
60balitaRestoring the grandeur of scenic Manila Bay 2012-12-28Church of God Environmental Cleanup
61gmanetworkCleanup drive at Barangay Maybunga, Pasig Floodway on October 28 2012-10-23Church of God Environmental Cleanup
62donorThe winds of warm love around the world 2012-10-22Church of God Blood Drive
63philSTARWorldwide Environmental Cleanup 2012-03-12Church of God Environmental Cleanup
64GMANEWSIlang miyembro ng Church of God World Mission Society, naglinis sa Freedom Bay 2012-03-11Church of God Environmental Cleanup
65inquirerbusinessWorld Mission Society Church of God conducts blood donation campaign 2012-01-30Church of God Blood Drive
66inquirer businessWorld Missionary Society Church of God conducts blood donation campaign 2012-01-30Church of God Blood Drive
67GMANEWSSaving lives through blood drive 2012-01-27Church of God Blood Drive
68신추매일The 10th ASEAN Taekwondo. "God"s Church" cheerleading 2011-04-11Church of God Volunteer Activities
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